Our Vision

I’ve always wanted to create a brand that goes far beyond fashion and trends. A brand that represents my idea of a timeless style but still with unique features.

Inspired by memories, sensations and – especially – the flowers of my land, Emmy Boo was born: an essentially minimal and contemporary concept style, luxurious with a Mediterranean breath.
In this game of more and less, flowers are the elements of continuity of the brand which recall an always blooming Sicily, wonderful in its simplicity.

Our Concept

Pure lines that emanate elegance, the shapes of the bags are sharp and structured, in a harmonious contrast with the fluid and graceful lines of the garments.

A sober and minimalist luxe perfectly mixed with saturated colors and lively details. The brand’s color palettes and design come together to create versatile and trans-seasonal collections that effortlessly go from day to night. The almost total absence of patterns, in fact, offers the opportunity to create always perfect outfits without ever being “too basic”.
The only prints are dedicated to the Capsule Collection. Pieces in limited numbers made with the collaboration of artists who tell stories, places, experiences. In this sense, every single piece is a real work of art.

The Founder

“Don’t you ever stop, Claudia?!”

This is the question that has been asked to me since I was a child. I have always lived with the constant need to create, to design. Growing up in a city like Catania, slow and hectic at the same time, I absorbed the vibrant passion of creating combined with the calm in enjoying everyday little pleasures. My passion for art and my studies in Architecture have merged into my most exciting project: Emmy Boo.

With Emmy Boo I tell experiences and emotions: from the vibrant colors of the Aeolian Islands – the Islands of my heart – to the refined elegance that I extract from my land. This is how the harmonious forms of Emmy Boo “projects” were born.

In each piece there is a lived experience that makes it more than just an accessory. I believe that this is the true essence of slow fashion: not only quality, but products that have a value that goes beyond the material.

Our Ethic

Fine fabrics and Tuscan leathers of the highest quality are processed with consolidated techniques by local artisans, the excellences of Made in Italy that everyday create pieces to perfection with their experience and passion.

Emmy Boo is a brand that drives and does not follow, which aims to timeless pieces, performed flawlessly. For this reason, the brand focuses on the artisanal techniques that have made Italian tailoring and leather goods synonymous with excellence around the world. With the constant supervision of the designer, our artisans create and refine with care every single product.
Emmy Boo is also on the front line against the exploitation of resources and people. In this sense, we prefer only local artisans and use materials derived from responsible suppliers.