IQuality signed by Emmy Boo

The Made in Italy artisanal quality is among the most popular in the world in the sales markets, what stands out in the products is certainly the manual skill with which they are worked.

Each product is taken care of in detail by expert craftsmen who create high quality garments with precious and selected materials and often there is no use of industrial machinery but only the manual skill with which these people work the garments, often manual skills handed down from generations over the years , think of the classic handcrafted leather bags that never go out of fashion but rather we manage to find them every year in every new collection.

Made in Italy, in addition to being of great impact, is also of excellent safety given that the products are subjected to extensive safety checks at every stage of production, it is true that sometimes the price of the products is higher than another product not Made in Italy but let yourself be amazed by what your eyes will see at the end of the work and that extra percentage on the cost of the garments will no longer be a problem.

An example of Made in Italy products taken care of from design to production are those of Emmy Boo. We deal with handmade products with a touch of Sicilian charm, they reflect the Mediterranean nature of the production area, the elegance, the refinement and the magic of the colors that make us remember the fresh moments of our land.

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